Frequent Buyers Discount Program

Are you a fan of our pasture raised poultry, forest raised pork and 100% grassfed black angus beef?  Love a good deal, but don’t have the space or need for a whole hog or half cow?  Would you like to get a 10% bonus on every purchase from our farm?  Our new Frequent Buyers Discount Program might be just the solution for you!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Shares cost $100 each per month, and you can buy just one or as many as you like.
  2. We’ll bill you electronically via Square at the first of each month for $100 (no additional fees will be added).
  3. You’ll receive a 10% bonus ($10) each month for each share, no strings attached.  This stretches your buying power by $10 every month!
  4. Use your share however you like, on whatever products we currently have in stock.
  5. You can use all accrued credits at one time, once a month, or however you choose.  We’re flexible!
  6. Pickup your goodies at any farmer’s market, on the farm (by appointment) or via free delivery (restrictions apply).
  7. If you go over your share amount in a three month period, we’ll simply collect the difference at the normal retail price.
  8. Each share you sign up for will last three months, costing a total of $300 that will be good for $330 in farm credit.
  9. You can stop and restart anytime after your three months are up, or just sign up again to keep the savings going all year long.  Jump on board at anytime to start saving!

The fine print:

  • If using a farmer’s market to collect your goodies, products must be picked up at the same location each month for record keeping purposes.
  • You can choose from any products currently in stock (sorry, no rain checks).
  • All credits must be used by the end of the third month.  Any share credits not used will expire at that time and are not redeemable.
  • You can pre-order online using our order form, or simply show up and let us know what you would like (you’ll be limited to what we have on hand if at a farmer’s market).  For large distributions in excess of $100 retail at a farmers market, a pre-order via our website or thru email is REQUIRED.
  • Credits can be applied to regular retail pricing and discounted retail items.  They can not be used towards bulk purchases (half and whole animals, chicken CSA, etc.).

Ready to sign up?  Simply e-mail us at [email protected] with your name, e-mail address you would like to be billed at and how many shares you would like to have.  Lastly, let us know your preferred pickup location each month from the list below and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market (May-October)
  • Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market (May-October)
  • Indy Winter Farmer’s Market (November-April)
  • At the farm by appointment (year round).
  • Free Home & Office Delivery (year round; limited to Greenwood, South Indy, Center Grove, Bargersville, etc – email for details on delivery location or read our delivery area)

Where Do You Get Your Food

Recently there was an article titled, “Long road from farm to fork worsens food outbreaks“. It talked about the numerous levels and complexity of the current food chain for consumable produce and meats. The article was in response to the recent listeria outbreak from cantaloupes grown in Colorado fields. The challenge is the different middle-men, companies and organizations that are points in the process between field to your family table.

It causes me to ask the question again about knowing where your food is coming from now that reaches your table? We of course would love for you to think about Simpson Family Farms to be your source for pasture raised, authentic supplier for pork, chicken and beef.

Just tonight, I came across this little video of Willie Nelson singing the Coldplay song “The Scientist”. The video was produced by Chipotle in an effort to promote developing a more sustainable food system.



Summer Chicken Sale

Last chance to save this year

Free Range Chicken

It’s time for our annual summer chicken sale!  This coming Monday, August 22nd we will have fresh chicken available at the farm from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.  If you didn’t get signed up for our chicken CSA in April or May, this is your last chance to save this year and stockpile our delicious birds for winter!

The following discounts will be applied:

  • Buy 10 whole or whole cutup chickens:  5% off
  • Buy 15 whole or whole cutup chickens:  7.5% off
  • Buy 20 whole or whole cutup chickens:  10% off

You can mix and match on any of the above packages, but please note that quantities of cutup chickens will be very limited!  Reservations will be accepted with advance notice.

All breast, leg quarters, stock packages and chicken wings will be 10% off.  No minimum quantity is required.

These prices are good for Monday only!  So take a short drive to our farm and save while you can.  Also, for your convenience we can accept cash, check or debit/credit card.

Directions to the Farm

Headed to the farm to take advantage of our chicken sale? Find out where we are and how to contact us.

Or you can simply click on this google map:


Reserve Your Turkey Today

This post shares content that we recently sent to our customers that purchased one of our free range turkey’s last year. Even if you didn’t purchase a turkey last year, we didn’t want to leave you out of the opportunity to grab one for your family this year. However, be aware our customers were very happy last year and already have a bit of a headstart on you for ordering, so you may want to read quick and order your turkey as soon as you finish reading this.

Pasture Raised Turkey - Simpson Family Farm

While it may seem early to be talking turkey, our turkey poults actually arrived here at the farm two weeks ago and Thanksgiving is just a little over three months away. We are already working hard to make sure your Thanksgiving Feast is as perfect as it can be!

If you are not on the e-mail newsletter list, you can sign up quickly and easily on our website. This will keep you up to date on all kinds of things including product availability, new recipes, news articles, etc.

Secondly, the feedback we received from last year’s turkeys was nothing short of fabulous and very humbling at the same time. In short we were blown away with the comments that many of you sent to us after the holiday. We knew the week after Thanksgiving of 2010 we would be offering turkeys again. Thanks to all of you for supporting our farm, and hence our family. Without you, there is no Simpson’s Farm Market!

Now to let you know what is different about this season’s turkeys:

Less Expensive Turkeys, Same High Quality

They are going to be less expensive! However, I want to stress that we are not cutting any corners here! You will receive the same product you did last year that is raised on our typical mix of transitional organic grains and certified organic mineral supplements. And of course, they will graze on our chemical free pastures. We are raising more turkeys this season which spreads out our fixed costs in addition to working smarter. The price this season will be $4.99/lb (a 10% reduction in price over last year’s $5.49/lb).

You Can Now Order Online

You can place your deposit thru our new secure online ordering system, or you may also do it in person at any farmers market (or mail a check to us). Just like last season, a non-refundable $25 deposit is required for each turkey ordered. Please note that you can order as many as you would like. Many of you called last year after Thanksgiving to see about getting a turkey for Christmas or New Years and as you learned we did not have any extras! Please plan accordingly in advance this year.

Downtown Pickup Before Thanksgiving

We will once again have a downtown pickup point the Friday prior to Thanksgiving on November 18th. That was very popular last year and worked out well, especially for our North, West and East side customers. This year, we have worked out arrangements with an old friend of ours from Martinsville who just happens to be one of the owners at Sun King Brewery at College & Ohio St. The parking lot area is also much larger than the Indianapolis City Market and will make logistics much simpler. If you have not tried Sun King beer, you are missing out! And Friday’s are the discounted day of the week to fill your take home growlers. Local raised turkey, local brewed beer……nice.

At the Farm Pickup Too

We will also have a pickup at the farm later that same day, just like last year.

If you have more questions, you can get all the details on our turkeys here. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us here.


Four-Legged Lawn Mowers

With gas prices coming down a little bit and the rain starting to taper off, many of you will probably be busy mowing your yards. Your lawn mower requires you to fill it up with gas and then you’ve got to walk behind it and tell it where to mow.

Our lawn mowers make gas (methane of course), walk around under their own power on their four legs and just mow all the grass that’s long enough to chew on.

Oh yeah, and they end up making a pretty delicious pastured beef steaks and hamburgers too!

4-Legged Beef Lawn Mowers

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