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2019 Pastured Poultry:

After raising pastured poultry for the past 12 years, we are taking a one year hiatus on production during 2019 in order to rest.  However, we’ll be working with some close and trusted colleagues of ours to provide healthy and ecologically raised poultry to customers at our farm.  If you are interested, you can read more on our partnership with Groce Family Farm.

Our Pastured Poultry: Fed 100% certified organic and raised on chemical free pasture

Would you like to have the opportunity to provide truly healthy, great tasting chicken to your family?  Are you concerned about where your poultry comes from?  What it was fed?  How it was raised and processed?  Does supporting a local, small scale, sustainable family farm appeal to you?  If so, please read on and consider the many benefits of our “pastured poultry”.

What is “pastured poultry,” you might be wondering?

This term refers to chicken produced on our lush, vibrant pastures the way nature intended.  Here the birds have plenty of room to move around as well as access to fresh air, sunshine and grass.  We start our chicks out as day old hatchlings in our brooder where they spend the first three weeks of their life until they are old enough to go outdoors safely.  Once out, they are moved each day in one of our portable “chicken huts” to a fresh spot of pasture where they will obtain about 15% of their food from forage and insects.  The balance of their diet is a custom mix of 100% certified organic corn and roasted soybeans grown on local Indiana family farms.  These grains are then blended with certified organic minerals and supplements.  Our chickens never receive antibiotics, vaccinations or growth stimulants.  Lastly, our chickens are carefully transported to a local, hard working Amish family.  Here they are processed with care, by hand, in this State of Indiana inspected facility.

All of this results in a locally produced, healthier and superior tasting food over anything found on a supermarket shelf.  And speaking of flavor, we produce the best tasting chicken in Central Indiana.  It is so good, in fact, that some of the finest restaurants in the area serve it on their menus.  All of this can be obtained for not much more than you are already paying for chicken at the supermarket.  But best of all, knowing where your food came from allows you to feel great about feeding it to your family!

To place an advance retail order, simply call, e-mail us or use our online order form anytime to reserve your some of our delicious chicken.  We also encourage you to sign-up for our e-mail newsletter that will alert you to upcoming dates and availability throughout the season.

If you are interested in buying in bulk to save, you can read more about our chicken CSA program:

More Info on 2019 Chicken CSA

*Please note that while some individual components of our farming operation are certified organic, our finished products are not USDA certified organic.



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