“Great Turkey”

Darby and Brandy,

My wife and I had Thanksgiving at our house yesterday and the Turkey received rave reviews.  I picked out a bird that weighed about 19 pounds on Friday.  My preparation was all the same as prior years (overnight brine, chill the turkey breasts prior to cooking with a bag of ice, stuff a paste under the skin), but everyone agreed it was the best Turkey they ever had.  Most of the credit has to go to the people who raised it!   It was wonderful.  Thank you!

David F. – Indianapolis

“Best Turkey!  Blue Ribbon!”

David and I agree that your turkey is the best we have ever eaten.  I said that once about your competitor whose name we will not speak.  But yours is better.  Please keep up the excellent work!
Thank you.  See you soon.

Lynne G. and David D. – Indianapolis

“Awesome Turkey!”

 Hi Darby,

Just wanted to send you a note to follow up on the turkeys!  First of all, there was so little waste on the turkeys!  I’m used to trimming handfuls of fat from “storebought” birds before I even start.  Not so here!  I have a Green Egg I roasted one turkey in– it was AWESOME!  Excellent flavor, juicy but with not much fat.  Yesterday was roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and vegetables, this evening was turkey and noodles.  The broth was just delicious!  I still have plenty of leftovers for a few more meals.  Thank you so much for making these great turkeys available!


Sue M – Indianapolis

“Nice Product”

Just had your leg quarters for supper. OUTSTANDING! Very flavorful, juicy, and the skin crisped up in the oven to a gorgeous golden brown. Really nice product!

Victoria Wesseler


“Incredible Find”

My husband and I decided many years ago to stay as close to natural as possible in our food choices, for multiple reasons. We feel fortunate to have stumbled across Simpson’s Farm Market with their (naturally raised) chicken and pork, two items we routinely choose for family gatherings and weekly meals.

We are incredibly impressed with the exceptional flavor and quality of the farm’s products as well as the timely communication we received during the period our orders were being processed.

Simpson’s Farm Market is a ‘diamond in the rough’ for those fortunate enough to cross paths. We learned about the farm through a healthfood store we visit on a regular basis, who by the way also sells their products.

My husband and I highly recommend Simpson’s and intend to remain ‘repeat’ customers in the future!

Mary Ann S. – Martinsville

“Fresh, Local, and Friendly”

 I just recently purchased some chickens from the Simpson Family Farm and completely enjoyed every moment. It was great to visit the farm to see where the chickens are kept, to pick berries, and to meet the family. My husband and I baked one chicken, it was very tasty and so juicy! We have frozen the rest for future delectable dinners. YUMMY!!

Melissa H. – Indianapolis

“Fresh poultry is incredible…”

I’ve made two purchases of fresh poultry from Simpson’s Farm Market. I get incredible personal service and my family LOVES the fresh chicken! We just purchased five chickens. We barbecued one of them and put the rest in the freezer.

The chicken has a great flavor and we know that it’s coming from a farm where chickens are treated humanely by roaming around as God intended.

Brian W. – Indianapolis

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