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Welcome to Simpson’s Farm Market!

Our farm is a 7th generation family heirloom in which we take great pride. Settled in 1828, we are now in the process of transitioning this land once again into a sustainable family economy using methods and practices that allow us to produce truly “authentic food”. In 2007, we began in earnest by producing pastured poultry, and in 2008 we added pastured pork to our operation.  In 2009, we offered grass-fed beef for the first time and 2010 saw us add Thanksgiving turkeys as well ramp up our poultry and pork quantities to meet the growing demand for our high-quality meats.  As of 2018, we are producing about 2,000 pastured broilers, 125 Thanksgiving turkeys, 75 forest raised hogs and finishing 24 head of cattle per year.  For 2021, we will only be offering bulk orders (whole and half animals) of beef and pork.

So what do we mean by “authentic food”?  The authentic food movement goes beyond any various certification that one can obtain, as certification does not do it justice.  It is food produced locally, delivered fresh and is full of healthy nutrients from happy animals that are treated humanely.  It is procured without the use of antibiotics, vaccinations, chemicals, genetically modified (GMO) grains or confinement feeding operations.  It is created from animals raised on pasture as nature intended, by a farmer who owns and cares for the land.  An authentic food farming model will leave the earth in a healthier state through its sustainable and environmentally friendly methods as it nurtures the soil through holistic management of the land.  While various certifications may appeal to some, our customers seek a food that goes beyond those limited criteria for something that is truly an “authentic food”.

While you are visiting our virtual farm, please look around and educate yourself about our products and farming methods. Be certain to explore our recipe box for some great tasting home cooked meals, all of which have been taste tested using the products we raise in our own kitchen. We also hope that you will take a moment to sign up for our e-mail list. We periodically send out newsletters that will let you know when product becomes available, share recipes, announce upcoming local events and keep you informed about food related news items we feel are important.

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Enjoy your visit on our virtual farm. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line or give us a ring. We’ll be glad to speak with you.

Darby, Brandy, Ethan, Zach and Wolfgang (the Schnoodle)

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