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About Our Cattle – 100% Genuine Grassfed

No Grain Ever, No Bull!

We produce only premium 100% grassfed black angus beef, raised on chemical free pasture and hay.  Vaccinations, antibiotics and growth stimulants are never administered.  This product is pure, great tasting, nutrient dense and raised on our farm to our extremely high standards.

How We Manage Our Cattle

Our beef is raised as a true herbivore should be:  It is 100% grassfed, and 100% grass finished on our lush, chemical free pastures.  Most local farmers will raise their cattle on pasture, and then finish the cattle on an all grain (typically genetically modified grain) diet for 60-90 days.  At no time do we offer our cattle any grain.  Do not fall for a “grass fed” label if you are trying to procure truly 100% grassfed beef.  Ask the farmer who is raising the cattle if they ever offer their animals grain.

By definition, “corn” is a “grass” and unfortunately some farmers will feed a corn (grain) product to their cows and call it 100% grassfed.  We on the other hand are committed to only feeding our cattle grass or hay made on our farm.  Rest assured, we produce the real deal!

On our farm, we instead practice managed rotational grazing methods that enhance the natural growth of the grasses on our pastures, which creates a truly sustainable system that requires little additional input from us.  In our system the cattle are moved every 24 hours during the growing season from one paddock to the next.  During the winter months, the cattle only receive hay (no grain!) that is also raised on our farm.  It takes 2-2.5 years to raise the cattle to a live weight of about 900lbs with these methods, versus a 1300lb animal in as little as 16-18 months using grain.

Purchasing In Bulk

While we sell beef by the retail cut at the farmer’s market or at the farm, we find many families enjoy purchasing in bulk due to the immense savings.  We can not guarantee availability past March 15th.  Once orders are full for the year, it will be 12 months before we begin taking them again. There are two ways you can purchase bulk beef from our farm:

1/8 or 1/4 Beef Packages


Online Order Form for Quarter or Eighth Cow Beef Purchase

If you do not have the space for a 1/2 beef, then consider one of our smaller beef packages.  We offer both a 1/8 or 1/4 beef package to fit your needs!  These packages will be ready in November and can be picked up by appointment at our farm, or at our Indianapolis farmer’s market.

If you have a smaller family and don’t want the hassle of selecting cuts or driving all the way to the processor to pick up your order, this is the way to go!  And you still get an incredible value by purchasing in bulk and saving as much as $12/lb over the cost of our individual retail cuts.

The all inclusive price includes high quality vacuum sealed packaging, pickup at the farm or farmers market and only requires 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space for a 1/4 beef and even less for an 1/8.

The 1/8 beef package has a total cost of only $449 and will include 35lbs of the highest quality beef you can procure, including:

  • 6lbs of t-bone, rib or sirloin steaks
  • 7lbs of chuck, sirloin tip roast or mini roast beef
  • 3lbs of premium stew meat
  • 2lbs of beef short ribs
  • 5lbs of pre-made burger patties
  • 12lbs of lean ground beef in one pound packages

The 1/4 beef package has a total cost of only $899 will include 70lbs of the highest quality beef you can procure, including:

  • 13lbs of t-bone, rib and sirloin steaks
  • 13lbs of brisket, chuck, sirloin tip roast or mini roast beef
  • 5lbs of premium stew meat
  • 4lbs of beef short ribs
  • 10lbs of pre-made burger patties
  • 25lbs of lean ground beef in one pound packages

Every order will also include a list of great tasting, easy to perfect recipes with cooking instructions for you to use in your kitchen.  Please note that weights listed are approximate and each 1/8 or 1/4 beef will differ slightly. Each package will contain 35 or 70lbs of product, with a maximum of 17 or 35lbs ground beef and burger patties respectively.

If you would like to order a 1/8 or 1/4 beef, we require a deposit of $199 (1/8) or $349 (1/4) to secure your order.  The balance due at pickup is $250 (1/8) or $550 (1/4).  Ready to order?  Simply send an email to us today!   We can collect your deposit via electronic invoice paid online, or via cash or check.

Online Order Form for Quarter or Eighth Cow Beef Purchase

Whole or Half (1/2) Beef Orders

A 1/2 beef order is available for the fall 2020 in October!

Online Order Form for Whole or Half Cow Beef Purchase

If you are interested in saving even more money and have a larger family, a half beef is your best option!  With a half beef, you get to choose exactly how to get your cuts made.  You get to select every steak, roast, stew meat, ground beef, burgers and more.  You’ll also get to keep all of the organ meats, marrow bones, tallow and more!  A 1/2 beef only requires about 7-8 cubic feet of freezer space.

Half beef orders are sold at a price of $3.35/lb live weight, and you will be responsible to pick up the order from the butcher and pay the processing costs.  Total cost will be approximately $1,625 (with custom vacuum sealed butchering) for half of a 900lb animal, and we anticipate all of these cattle to weigh in between 850-950lbs.  Your total cost per pound in the freezer will be about $9.75/lb for everything from burger to steaks (assuming you keep all usable product).  As always, each animal is unique and your cut selection will make a difference in the final quantity of product you receive.  The numbers above are an estimate only.

If you would like to secure a 1/2 beef order, a $750 deposit is required.  Our cattle will be taken to the processor throughout the month of October and can be picked up at Rice Quality Meats in Spencer, IN.  An invoice for the remaining balance will be due within seven days after delivery to the processor, and you will  know well in advance what date your order will be delivered so you can plan accordingly.

Ready to order?  Simply send an email to us today or use the order form linked below for whole or half (1/2) beef orders.

Deposit or final payment checks may be sent to: Simpson’s Farm Market, 1725 Wampler Road, Martinsville, IN 46151

Online Order Form for Whole or Half Cow Beef Purchase


Fun Facts

With all of the marketing about how wonderful grain fed beef is, you may be asking yourself why that is.  Did you know that within 48 hours of introducing grain into a cows diet, you can diminish many of the healthy nutritive qualities of the meat (CLA’s, Omega 3 to Omega 6 balance) by as much as 50%?  And, it takes a minimum of 7 months to get those levels back to their original levels.

In addition to frequent movement of the cattle, we are harnessing the power of our chickens for the fertilization portion of the system.  The chickens precede the cattle in our system fertilizing the pasture, stimulating the ground and allowing natural grasses to seed themselves and grow.  Once an area has been grazed, the chickens can then be run back thru the short grass and they cycle begins again.  This makes the use of harmful petroleum based chemical fertilizers unnecessary, and mimics the natural processes of nature.


Rotational “mob” grazing builds soil, stops erosion, holds water and traps CO2 faster than any other means known. To date we have converted nearly 100 acres of our farm from row crops into perennial grass systems. The USDA estimates that this saves nearly 1 ton of soil erosion per acre, per year!

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