2019 Chicken Preorder

Welcome to our 2019 chicken preorder information page.  We have quite a few changes for the poultry we are going to offer this year, so please read carefully!

2019 Poultry Offerings

As many of you know, we are personally taking a one year hiatus in 2019 from poultry production.  However after many requests to help several of you procure poultry from a trusted source that we recommend, we have decided to partner with some friends of ours in order to make this possible.  Luke and Katherine Groce own Groce Family Farm in English, IN which is located near Louisville, KY.

We’ve known them for some time and they farm in a manner extremely similar to our own. In fact, they are the single best source we can recommend to you our customers in the state of Indiana.  Like us, they started farming because they love feeding people delicious nutritive food, and wanted to figure out a way to live close to the land, and interact with it in a way that brings about regeneration and abundance.

However given the distance from Central Indiana to their farm, we are partnering with them to bring their products to our farm.  Below you will find information about how to order and what products will be available when.

Groce Family Farm Poultry Standards

“For all concerned with human nutrition, flavor of food, land stewardship, best agricultural practices, clean air and water, and animal welfare: below is a detailed description of how we raise our products. We aim to stand behind what we do, and to bless all who eat our food, live in our watershed, and breathe air in our community.

We try very hard to be a farm that is transparent and open. In short, you’ll find that all our animals never get antibiotics, GMO’s or chemicals. And they do get ample, frequently rotating pastures. The fact that their pastures rotate frequently is key to their diet and our land remaining healthy, vibrant, and able to produce amazing flavor and nutrient density for our customers now, and into the future.”

Chickens ranging freely on Groce Family Farm in Southern Indiana

“Our birds come in the mail as day old chicks, ducklings, or poults. A typical chicken on our farm will spend the last 2/3 or more of its life in a rotating paddock with about 45 square feet per bird. We believe this is the key to our chicken being so full of flavor and nutrients.”

How To Place An Order

Logistically, the chicken program is mostly going to work the same this year as in years past with at least three pickup dates (Late May, Early July and one time in the fall) based on customer response.

So here is how ordering, deposits and payments will work:

  • Chickens will be priced at $5.49/lb (whole chickens), $6.99/lb (leg quarters) and $12.99/lb (breast).
  • You should order what you want in advance, as we will not be picking up much extra poultry to have on hand in order to sell thru the summer.
  • You can order as few or as many whole chickens, breast or leg quarter packages as you would like.
    • Our average whole chicken weight this year will be between 5-5.5lbs.
    • Leg quarters will be about 2-2.5lbs
    • Breast packages will be 1-2lbs
  • You’ll place a $10 deposit per whole chicken or packaged cut (breast or leg quarters) now to lock in your spot (via a check or PayPal), then pay the difference at each pickup for product taken that day.
  • Please note that we will only have access to 100 whole chickens for late May and will pass these out on a first come, first served basis.  We will have access to more whole chickens, breast and leg quarter packages in early July.  However, we would encourage you to reserve those packages now before our allotment runs out.
  • You will get to save 10% on any other items you purchase on farm the day of pickup including beef and pork that is in stock.

Place your order by following this link

Poultry orders will be picked up fresh, at the farm from 3:00-6:00 p.m. on the following dates:

Tuesday, May 28th

Monday, July 1st (to be confirmed)

September and/or October based on customer response

Place your order by following this link

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