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In 2010, we began raising cattle on our farm at the request of many of our customers.  Our beef is raised as a true herbivore should be:  It is 100% grass fed, and 100% grass finished on our lush, chemical free pastures.  Most local farmers will raise their cattle on pasture, and then finish the cattle on an all grain diet for 60-90 days.  Beef purchased at your local supermarket will most likely have been given a 100% grain diet.  At no time do we offer our cattle any grain.

With all of the marketing about how wonderful grain fed beef is, you may be asking yourself why that is.  Did you know that within 48 hours of introducing grain into a cows diet, you can diminish many of the healthy nutritive qualities of the meat by as much as 50%?  And, it takes a minimum of 7 months to get those levels back to their original states.  On our farm, we instead practice managed rotational grazing methods that enhance the natural growth of the grasses on our pastures, which creates a truly sustainable system that requires little additional input from us.  In our system the cattle are moved every 24-48 hours from one paddock to the next.

In addition to frequent movement of the cattle, we are harnessing the power of our chickens for the fertilization portion of the system.  The chickens precede the cattle in our system fertilizing the pasture, stimulating the ground and allowing natural grasses to seed themselves and grow.  Once an area has been grazed, the chickens can then be run back thru the short grass and they cycle begins again.  This makes the use of harmful petroleum based chemical fertilizers unnecessary, and mimics the natural processes of nature.

We get asked often if we sell our beef in bulk to families, and we do.  However, we have a very high retention rate of existing bulk customers and as such we typically have a waiting list of 12-18 months before you can take delivery of a bulk order (1/2 or whole cow).  We are working hard to expand this area of our business, but it takes a lot of fence, labor, establishing forages, watering systems, etc in order to do that.  Then, it takes 2-2.5 years to produce the beef this way!  High quality, nutrient dense food simply takes time to produce.  If you are interested in buying beef in bulk please email us to be placed on our waiting list.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for each 1/2 cow purchased this way.  Please note that once you are “in” this program, you have to opt out meaning you will get beef every 12 months thereafter if you should so choose.

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