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Turkeys are sold out for 2018! 

You may contact Georgetown Market or Artisano’s Oils & Spices if you would like one of our birds.  They have several turkeys from our farm that are not yet sold.

Turkeys will be available for pickup on Thursday, November 15th ONLY.  We will once again be passing out these delicious birds at Sun King Brewery in downtown Indy in the morning, and at the farm in the afternoon.

“Thanksgiving?!” you must undoubtedly be thinking….” But that’s months away!”.  While that is true, our turkey poults have been on farm since the end of July, and we are working hard to make certain that your Thanksgiving feast is complete and delicious. And, it’s never too early to get your order in before all of the turkeys are spoken for!

Place Your Reservation Online

Reserving one of our pasture raised, gmo-free turkeys is now easier than ever with our online deposit system. Simply click on the link below, tell us how many of these beautiful birds you want, checkout thru our secure online ordering system and you are all done!  Of course, you can still place a deposit in person at any of our markets or mail us a check if you prefer.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for each turkey ordered.

Place your turkey order deposit now

About Our Turkey’s

In 2010 after many requests from our loyal customers, we began raising Thanksgiving Turkey’s and the results were nothing short of remarkable.  Not only did we sell out of these delicious birds but the feedback was very humbling to say the least.  Here are just a few of the unsolicited comments we received from our customers:

“Bought a turkey from them. Fantastic! Best turkey we’ve ever had.”

Ron W. – Indianapolis


“Loved the turkey . Awesome, well worth the money!”

Jim R. – Seymour


“My wife and I had Thanksgiving at our house yesterday and the Turkey received rave reviews.  I picked out a bird that weighed about 19 pounds on Friday.  My preparation was all the same as prior years (overnight brine, chill the turkey breasts prior to cooking with a bag of ice, stuff a paste under the skin), but everyone agreed it was the best Turkey they ever had.  Most of the credit has to go to the people who raised it!   It was wonderful.  Thank you!”

David F. – Indianapolis


“David and I agree that your turkey is the best we have ever eaten.  I said that once about your competitor whose name we will not speak.  But yours is better.  Please keep up the excellent work!  Thank you.  See you soon.”

Lynne G. and David D. – Indianapolis


Much like our chickens, these turkeys get to live a good life on our farm.  They spend the first 4 weeks of their lives in our heated brooder, and once feathered out they move outside to our lush, chemical free pasture.  Once there, they are moved each day to a fresh paddock of pasture where they graze on the grasses and bugs, lay in the sunshine or shade and have access to fresh air and clean water.  Our portable chicken tractors provide protection from the wind, rain and predators and give these birds a stress free environment to live in.  And of course, we never administer any antibiotics, vaccinations or medications.  As per our standard, on the finest locally raised grain from Central Indiana is fed to our turkeys.  What that means is GMO free, chemical free, transitional organic grain in conjunction with certified organic mineral and vitamin supplements for a complete feed.  A great amount of care and four months worth of effort go into raising these delicious, special occasion turkeys for you and your family.  If you are looking to make your Thanksgiving celebration truly special, then simply click on the link below to place an online order.

How To Order

We are currently accepting orders for fresh turkeys that will be available on Thursday, November 15th.  Treat your family to a truly special Thanksgiving meal this year with one of these super tasty, authentic turkeys!

We have a very limited number of turkeys available so please do not wait too long to order.  If you for certain want one of these delicious birds to grace your table, please follow the link below to place on online deposit thru our secure website.  You may also drop off your deposit in person at either Broad Ripple Farmers Market or the Bloomington Farmers Market on Saturday’s.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for each turkey ordered.

Downtown Pickup Before Thanksgiving

For your convenience, we have arranged to have a pickup point at Sun King Brewery (Ohio St. and College Ave., across from Easley Winery) in downtown Indy during the middle of the day on November 15th from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

At the Farm Pickup Too

You can also drive to our farm later in the afternoon or early evening to pick up your fresh (not frozen!) bird.  On farm hours will be from 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Here are the details:

  • Will be available for pickup on Thursday, November 15th (only) in both downtown Indy (10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.) or at our farm (3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
  • These birds will be fresh, not frozen.
  • Our turkeys are fed 100% certified organic grain!
  • The price is $5.99/lb and sizes will range from 15-25 lbs.
  • Turkey sizes will be handed out on a first come, first served basis as we do not reserve specific sizes – please arrive early for the best selection!  We will be holding back one cooler full of smaller turkeys for distribution at the farm to provide our customers who pick up there a wider selection.
  • $25 non-refundable deposit required
  • If you cannot personally pick up your turkey, you must make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick it up for you.  We do not have the facilities to store the turkeys overnight.
  • Failure to pick up your turkey on the above date will result in your deposit being forfeited and sold to our waiting list.

Order Now!

Place your turkey order deposit now

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