2017 Chicken CSA

Welcome to our 2017 Chicken CSA information page.  We have quite a few changes for the CSA this year, so please read carefully!

First and foremost, for the first time in 5 years we will be having our first pricing increase.  Depending on what package you select, you will see a .30-.40/lb increase from years past.  We have fended off this increase for as long as we could, but increased livestock and processing costs over the past two seasons have finally caught up with us.  To be honest we should have applied this increase last season but we didn’t, however this season we don’t really have a choice.  Our hatchery and processor have both increased their prices in order to earn a fair wage, and unfortunately we have to do the same.

Second, we will only have four pickup dates this season as we are cutting out one batch of chicken right in the middle of the summer.  You’ll be picking up more chickens during each trip to the farm, and we won’t have an August pickup date.  If you are wondering why we are cutting back on production the answer is simple:  Our boys are getting older and we have not taken a family trip during the summer since 2008!  This will allow us an opportunity to take a short trip in July during our small break with no chickens on farm.  The cattle and pigs require a lot less labor and can be easily managed by someone other than us for a few days, allowing us to get away.

As you may have already figured out, fewer batches of chicken means fewer CSA spots available.  We hope to be able to accommodate most of our customers from 2016, but to be honest we will not have as many slots available as we did in years past.   Once these limited number of spots for our CSA fill up, they are gone until the following year.

Third, we will still be accepting deposits via PayPal, but checks via mail and cash in person are also welcomed for your deposits.  Just like in years past, any balances paid on May 25th with a card will incur a fee of 3%.

Lastly, as a new added benefit all CSA customers will be eligible for 10% off any retail purchases made at the farm on the day of pickup.  This includes all cuts of poultry, pork, and beef (excludes ground beef) that are in our inventory at the time (no rain checks).

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Those who elect to join our CSA pay up front for a predetermined amount of whole chicken by weight, but get a great discount for doing so!  Then at five different dates during the summer season you simply pick up your order at our farm.  Best of all, the chickens are fresh which gives you the ability to cook them immediately, cut and repackage them to meet your families needs or simply freeze them whole.

New for 2017:  You can choose to skip two pickup dates this year with a small CSA, or skip one date with a medium, large or extra large CSA.  Please note we will not be able to pass out any extra chickens on May 25th.  On that date, you’ll receive 1/4 of your estimated total for the CSA and extra birds each time you pickup thereafter.  Please coordinate with us in advance to let us know when you will be coming or not.  Also those who live farther away (more than 30 minutes) are encouraged to make fewer trips and collect more chickens on each trip to save on fuel.  If you choose a small pack you can get all of your CSA birds in as few as two trips.

The chickens come whole, or you can elect to have them cutup for a small fee.  Simply let us know how many of your chickens you would like to have cutup at each delivery date.  Note that each chicken will be cut into the following pieces and placed into one bag: 2 breast, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, 1 frame. You can then separate your pieces to fit your needs and freeze them. Cost per cutup chicken is $2.00/each.

A deposit based on the package you choose is due now, and the balance in full will be required on May 25th at your first CSA pickup, unless prior arrangements are made.  If you would like to make fewer trips to collect your chicken, we will do our best to accommodate  you.  Simply let us know what your preference is and we will do our best to meet your request.

Quantities shown below are estimates, based on an average chicken weight of 4.5-5lbs. However you will receive as many chickens as required until you reach the total pounds of meat shown with each package description, i.e., 75lbs total in the Small Family Pack.

Poultry orders will be picked up fresh, at the farm from 3:00-7:00 p.m. on the following dates:

Thursday, May 25th

Thursday, June 29th

Friday, September 8th

Friday, October 13th

Small Family Pack Medium Family Pack Large Family Pack Extra Large Family Pack
Qty. (Estimate) 15-18 22-26 30-35 40-45
Pounds 75 110 150  200
Base Price/lb. 4.99 4.99 4.99  4.99
Discount % 14% 16% 18%  20%
CSA Price/lb. 4.29 4.19 4.09  3.99
Savings $52.40 $87.82 $134.73  $199.60
CSA Total $321.75 $460.90 $613.50  $798
Deposit $150 $175 $200  $250
Balance Due (May 25th) $171.75 $285.90 $413.50  $548

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